Here is some information about the services we offer for e-commerce, portfolio photoshoots, and business headshots.



Before we delve into the experience, you might wonder: Why is it crucial to have quality pictures for your campaign or product shot? The significance lies in the fact that high-quality images effectively capture attention, convey professionalism, and enhance the overall perception of your brand or product. They not only attract potential customers but also inspire trust and confidence, ultimately leading to increased engagement and sales conversions. In today’s visually-driven digital landscape, quality pictures serve as powerful tools for effectively communicating your message and establishing a strong visual identity in the market  


The Power of a Strong Portfolio


The Importance of a portfolio photoshoot

A good portfolio is essential for models as it serves as their visual resume, showcasing their versatility, range, and unique style to potential clients and agencies. It acts as a powerful tool for securing casting calls, auditions, and bookings in a competitive industry where first impressions are crucial. A well-curated portfolio highlights a model’s professionalism and dedication, helping them stand out and attract the attention of reputable brands and clients.


Creating a modelling portfolio requires the right photographer who not only captures images but also instils confidence and comfort. Prior to the photoshoot, you can complete a form to help me understand your preferences. Would you prefer a call or a meeting before the photoshoot? Naturally, that is possible. During the session, I’ll greet you with a warm cup of coffee or tea, fostering a friendly atmosphere to ensure we’re both at ease. You’ll receive the necessary guidance and valuable information about potentially working with an agency, along with personalised posing tips if required. Following the photoshoot, you’ll receive a link to select your preferred pictures, with the option for my support whenever needed. Once you’ve made your selections, the images will be retouched and delivered in both web and full formats, resulting in a portfolio that significantly enhances your chances of attracting new clients’ attention.


Business headshot/ press 



The Importance of a Business Headshot

Why is a business headshot that truly reflects you so crucial? When clients or brands consider collaborating, they aim to connect a face with the name, fostering trust and confidence. The question then arises: what type of headshot best encapsulates your essence? Whether vibrant and personalised, subtly refined, or a captivating blend, the goal is to convey your essence in a single image. Should it be a warm smile radiating approachability or a serious demeanor signifying professionalism? Perhaps a touch of fashion or artistic flair adds the perfect nuance. Ultimately, it’s about authentically representing yourself and the image you wish to project.


Before your business headshot session, you can fill out a form to convey your preferences effectively. Want to discuss details over a call or in person? Absolutely, let’s arrange it. We can choose a date for the photoshoot that works for you. During our session, expect a warm welcome with your choice of coffee or tea to create a relaxed atmosphere. After a nice chat to learn more about your brand, we’ll start the photoshoot. Of course, we’ll warm up with a few initial shots. If needed, I’ll provide posing advice and ensure you feel confident and comfortable throughout. After the shoot, you’ll receive a link to handpick your preferred images, with my support available whenever you need it. Your selected shots will undergo professional retouching and be delivered in both web and full formats.